You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your Safety to Get Your Money

At Tax Angel we understand the times we’re in, and we know that you needed your tax refund yesterday. That’s why we created Tax Angel, to get you your money safe, fast and hassel free. Call on an Angel today. You’ll be glad you did.

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How Tax Angel Works In Easy Five Steps

Create an account, complete a short questionnaire, and upload income documents

A Tax Angel will be assigned to you, start your return, and if necessary, reach out to you to go over any questions they might have

Once your return is complete the Tax Angel will reach out to you to go over your return and tax liability or refund amount

Once you approve your return, we will verify your identity, collect the most important detail, where to send your money, and submit the return to the IRS

Sit back, relax, and wait for your Refund Advance

Fastest Refund Advance

Why wait until the end of February for your money? Tax Angel can advance you up to $6,000 for your return within 1 hour of it being completed.

Safe and Secure

Tax Angel takes your security serious. Protecting your tax information when you’re filing and securing your file when you’re finished is our top priority.

Don’t Miss a Tax Break

From EIC to a correct and accurate Schedule C, we’ve got you covered. We will not let you miss any tax breaks or credits you are entitled to, including the new 2020 COVID tax credit for self-employed filers.

  • Contactless

    No need to put your safety at risk or violate lock down orders

  • 100% Accurate

    We offer a 100% money back guarantee, if we don’t get you the max return you are legally entitled to its free

  • Refund Advance in as Little as 1 Hour

    You can’t afford to wait until the end of February for your money. Our banks are standing by to give you up to $6,000 in as little as 1 Hour of your return being completed.

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